BelliVita... founded by Laura Marie and her two daughters to capture the experience of pregnancy in a beautiful and timeless work of art


       Laura Marie, our Founder and Lead Artist:

BelliVita was born from the nurturing, protective feelings I had for my two girls as we went through a very difficult time in our lives. My daughters Emily, Anna Marie and I decided to start a business that would focus our energies in a positive direction while bringing joy into the world. Through this my girls learned the basics of starting a business, the value of hard work, and the importance of an honest heart. Since then we have also founded a daycare / preschool, and through it all, I have continued to remain active in the childbirthing community as a doula.

Although our home and studio are located in West Seattle, we now proudly offer our pregnancy belly bowls as artistic heirlooms to clients throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, I’m happy to meet with you personally, or you can come to my studio. If you live in California, I travel there regularly... feel free to give me a call to find out when I’ll be in your area next. If you live outside of these areas, we are happy to send you our casting kit with easy instructions to perform the casting process yourself. Simply send us your finished casting, communicate your style and color preferences, and I’ll create your masterpiece!

Meet the Artists behind BelliVita’s Pregnancy Belly Bowls

Every custom pregnancy belly bowl produced by BelliVita is a testimony to the extraordinary talent and vision of Laura Marie, our founder and resident artist. With a deep passion for pregnancy, childbirth and art, she loves working with people to create an exquisite work of sculptural art that commemorates the amazing experience of pregnancy—an heirloom that they can proudly display and cherish for life.

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"Being pregnant and bringing a new life into this world is amazing and is something I never thought I would be able to experience. Thanks to this creative process, I will ALWAYS have a precious keepsake that brings all of the wonderful memories back.

THANK YOU Laura! You are a true talent and an absolutely lovely artist!"

Laura’s photos and the green belly bowl above

©2009 by Gail Ann Photography.

Please note: before having a photo taken with your infant in or with one of our pregnancy belly bowls, please read our Photography Disclaimer.

©2008–2016 BelliVita • all rights reserved • BelliVita is a registered trademark in the United States.

Melissa Misoda, our Glass Artist:

Behind BelliVita’s gorgeous blown glass belly bowls is one of the most talented glass artists in the Pacific Northwest: Melissa Misoda, of Misoda Glassblowing Studio. Together, she and Laura Marie developed a process by which pregnancy belly castings can be used to forge one-of-a-kind blown glass pregnancy belly bowls, using the shape of a pregnant belly casting for the base of the bowl and incorporating the family’s choice of colors and visual effects.

Watch Melissa in action in this video; learn more

about her and view her full range of exquisite

glass art at

Message from Laura Marie:

The miracle of pregnancy and childbirth truly moves my soul. When I think about the fleeting moments in time that I thought I would never forget, and the dramatic changes that our bodies go through during the pregnancy process, I knew I had to find a way to preserve that memory forever. Melissa and I look forward to working with you and creating a breathtaking, one of a kind work of art that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Davicia Sughrim, our Specialty Artist:

Davicia loves nothing better than spending time

doing art—whether it’s painting, drawing, pottery, wood carving, and even cooking. She began her artistic career years ago as a lead counselor at a summer day camp in charge of all crafts and creative activities.

After pursuing her culinary arts degree from the Art Institute of Seattle, she currently works for Studio2You teaching clay art and paint your own pottery classes. She is a hands on person who loves helping others create unique artwork.