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If the answer to your question is not found below, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at (206) 841-1891 (within the Seattle area) or toll free at 1-(855) BelliVita (235-5484).

Q: What exactly do you offer?

A: We create beautiful keepsake bowls made directly from the shape of your pregnant belly casting, in either blown glass or hand-painted porcelain.

Q: How is the belly casting process done?

A: Medical grade plaster bandages are soaked in a warm, wet solution and applied to your pregnant belly or torso. Roughly 30 minutes later, the cast is easily and painlessly lifted off your belly, and set aside for final drying / hardening.

Our Self-Casting kits include everything you need to make a mess-free casting: plaster, cloth strips, drop cloth, plastic gloves, vaseline, wipes and casting instructions. Read a mom's first-hand account of the process; watch a video to see how it’s done.

Q: Where does the belly casting take place?

A: Belly castings can be done anywhere! If you live in the Pacific Northwest, our artist can come to your home, or you can come to her studio. If you live outside of these areas, you can sign up with one of our Partner Stores for an upcoming casting event, or we can send you our Self-Casting kit to perform the casting process in the comfort of your own home. It’s simple to do, and truly turns into a beautiful memory for those involved. View photos of a young son who helped cast his mom’s belly >

Q: What do I do with my belly casting?

A: You can keep the casting as-is, plain and simple; or if you’d like us to create a keepsake bowl using the shape of your belly casting, ship the casting to us (see the below question about how to ship).

Q: What sort of bowl options do you offer?

A: Whether you want a blown glass or hand-painted porcelain bowl, we’ll work with you to identify your design preferences. Both bowls can be crafted in your choice of solid or mixed colors, both can feature optional metallic enhancements; however because porcelain bowls are hand-painted, the finish can also include unique artistic brush patterns, mosaic-like designs, and custom decorations such as your baby’s foot prints or hand prints.

Both bowls can be shaped more deep (like a fruit bowl) or more shallow (like a platter). Both bowls come with fluted edges, however a porcelain bowl has the option of retaining the casting’s original non-fluted edges if desired (shown above right in the baby/bowl photo).

Both bowls can be engraved / hand-lettered. Learn more on our Services page >

Q: What does a belly bowl cost?

A: All of our belly bowls are commissioned pieces of art. Each one is priced based on your design choices and the resulting time it takes to create. That said, always keep an eye on our Specials page... our porcelain bowls normally start at $450, but occasionally go on sale as low as $250. Glass bowls start at $950.

The final cost of either bowl will depend on what what colors you prefer (e.g., the minerals to make red glass cost significantly more than the minerals to make blue glass), and whether you want any custom finishes such as engraving, hand- or foot-prints, or a unique hand-painted design on a porcelain bowl (e.g., a zentangle pattern, a favorite painting, your family crest, etc.) We will use the information you provide on the Design Preference Form to give you a cost estimate.

Shipping costs are not included; we are happy to give you a shipping cost estimate once we have seen the size of your belly cast, and know what shape, materials, and resulting weight your bowl will be.

We require 50% deposit at the time of the casting; an invoice will be provided to you before completion; the remaining amount (including shipping costs) will be due upon completion of your piece. Read more about pricing in the right side margin of our Services page >

Q: How do I ship my belly casting to you?

The finished belly casting is light weight and easy to return to us via U.S. Mail (you would bear this cost). When you ship it to us, PLEASE REMEMBER THESE TWO VERY IMPORTANT things:

  1. 1.COMPLETE AND INCLUDE A DESIGN PREFERENCES FORM in the box with your casting. Download the form here and complete BOTH pages so we understand how you want your bowl to be crafted and finished.

  2. 2.WRITE YOUR NAME ON THE INSIDE OF YOUR BELLY CASTING. If we receive a belly casting with no name, we have no way of making a bowl for you, and can not be responsible for trying to identify whose casting it is (we receive as many as 3 casts or more... each day!)

Upon receipt of your belly casting, we will contact you to confirm your design preferences, and give you an estimated completion date. More on this below:

Q: How long does it take before a custom bowl is finished?

A: Our unique art pieces take time. We are not manufacturing a product, we are using our hands to craft a custom shape, color, and finish with passion and attention to detail. At a minimum, each commission takes approximately 8 weeks to complete, according to the order in which it was received.

If you are trying to receive your belly bowl in time for newborn photos*, we can provide rush service upon request for an additional $100 fee, however even rush orders will be “triaged” according to how many other anxious mamas requested rush orders that very same week.

We kindly ask that you remain patient and flexible, allowing us the time and pride necessary to make sure your custom piece is everything you imagined.

Upon completion of your beautiful piece of art, we will return it to you via FedEx for trackable, insured arrival.

Q: Can you make my belly bowl really personal, customize it in some way to commemorate my experiences during pregnancy?

A: Absolutely. The belly casting process often captures not only the shape of your pregnant belly, but the location of your baby on the day of the casting… a personal treasure in and of itself! As described in the "artistic effects" question above, we can customize the finishes your bowl in a variety of ways; hand-painted porcelain bowls allow for the greatest range of customization.

Q: What does a person do with their belly bowl?

A: This is a beautiful yet useful piece of art—it can be used, displayed, and passed down as a family heirloom. Some people display their bowls in the nursery or child’s room, others show it off as a dining room table centerpiece, or hang it on the living room wall. Some families use their bowls to hold fruit, shell collections, or other decorative items. Sometimes the nature of the piece determines where it’s displayed; most individuals prefer to keep breast and torso casts in their bedroom.

Q: How do I place an order?

A: It’s easy! Just download the form here to start the process… upon receipt of your information, we’ll contact you to confirm all of your details, and arrange for the casting (or receipt of your self-casting).

*Please note: before having a photo taken with your infant in or with one of our pregnancy belly bowls, please read our Photography Disclaimer.

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"The porcelain bowl that was cast from my pregnant belly is absolutely stunning and is a true piece of art. The photograph of my precious angel snuggled in my porcelain belly bowl took my breath away!"

Photos ©2009 by Gail Ann Photography.

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