Pregnancy Belly Bowls by BelliVita in blown glass or hand-painted porcelain


There is simply no more beautiful way to remember the miracle of pregnancy than with a custom work of art made from your own pregnant belly casting. Formed by covering the belly with warm, wet plaster bandages, this wonderful technique allows you to capture a rare moment in time in a highly artistic, three-dimensional form, recording the exact shape of your belly (and sometimes even the position of your baby!).

Watch this video to see how it’s done.

The resulting cast can be maintained as-is, pure and simple, or it can be forged into beautiful keepsake bowl with a secret that no one will ever guess (unless you decide to tell). No matter what your style and taste, your belly bowl will be an exquisite work of art that you can proudly display and cherish for life—a timeless piece of art that commemorates your baby’s first home.


The Art of Pregnancy Comes to Life with Pregnancy Belly Bowls

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"Thank you for creating a beautiful memento of my pregnant belly! Pregnancy is a miraculous time for a mother (to be) and the artist in you truly captured the allure, essence, and beauty of being with child. I appreciated your professionalism and the relaxing atmosphere you created during the (belly casting) process... from the set up, mood music, casting, and (especially) the clean up! Thank you for the fun experience and the beautiful treasure - I look forward to doing it again with my next pregnancy!"

Photos of porcelain bowls and casting process ©2009 by Gail Ann Photography.

Blown Glass Belly Bowl

See more photos on our blog >

Our hand-blown glass belly bowls are shaped from your pregnancy casting at the base, with natural glass “waves” expanding outward. They are crafted to include anywhere from two to four colors of your choosing, and can include a sturdy mount to hang on the wall upon request.

Hand-Painted Porcelain Belly Bowl

See more photos on our blog >

As an alternative to blown glass, we can use your pregnancy casting to create a porcelain bowl in the same shape as your casting—with your choice of natural edges (more smooth and even as shown at left) or fluted edges (as shown in the photo at the top of this page)—in the colors of your choosing.

Breast Bowls and Torso Commissions

For women undergoing a mastectomy, we are honored to be able to support their courage, pride, and resolve through the medium of art, creating a lasting memory that communicates and commemorates their spirit.

Breast bowls can be made in either porcelain or blown glass; proceeds from every bowl are donated to the Carol M. Baldwin Foundation for breast cancer research.

Full scale female torso sculptures are made only in porcelain, using the same colors, finishes and decorations as our porcelain belly bowls. See examples on our blog >

Design Options

Every bowl we create is a custom work of “memorable art” — a sculpture that captures a precious, fleeting moment time. As a result, they are unique in form, overall shape, and final decoration.

Whether you choose hand-painted porcelain or blown glass, all of our bowls are made to be touched, held, proudly displayed, and passed down through the generations as precious heirlooms. We offer the following design options:

  1. Material:  choose hand-painted porcelain or blown glass (except torsos, which are only made in porcelain).

  2. Shape: choose whether you want your bowl to be more shallow or deep.

  3. Edges: choose how fluted you want your edges to be (shallow or deep); porcelain bowls have the option of maintaining the natural smooth edges of the casting.

  4. Colors:  choose your favorite color(s) and combination(s). Porcelain bowls allow for the greatest range of customization, including special metallic finishes and hand-painted designs. Glass bowls can contain multiple colors throughout, different inner and outer colors, and/or can feature a different colored outer rim. Because glass colors are created with minerals, and the cost of these minerals vary, your color preferences can affect the cost (e.g., red glass is more expensive than blue).

  5. Engraving:  both porcelain and blown glass bowls can feature a special engraving, including a date, a personal message, or your baby’s initials—engraved on the inside or outside of the bowl. Some parents prefer to wait until their baby is born to include the birth date too.

  6. Baby and Bowl Photo Session:  for an additional fee, we can identify a photographer skilled in newborn photography to take professional photos of your new baby in your belly bowl—his or her first home—in your area. Please read our Photography Disclaimer.

The Casting Process

Every bowl starts with a self-casting. These kits can be purchased from a local baby goods store, or found online.

Casting takes about 30-45 minutes, and once the casting is dry, it is easy and painless to remove from your body. Read a mom's first-hand account of the process; view photos of another mom whose son helped with her belly casting.


The finished belly casting is light weight and easy to return to us via U.S. Mail (you would bear this cost). When you ship it to us, PLEASE REMEMBER THESE TWO VERY IMPORTANT things:

  1. 1.COMPLETE AND INCLUDE A DESIGN PREFERENCES FORM in the box with your casting. Download the form here and complete BOTH pages so we understand how you want your bowl to be crafted and finished.

  2. 2.WRITE YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER ON THE INSIDE OF YOUR CASTING. If we receive a belly casting with no name, we have no way of making a bowl for you, and can not be responsible for trying to identify whose casting it is (we receive as many as 3 casts or more... each day!)

Upon receipt of your belly casting, we will contact you to confirm your design preferences, and give you an estimated completion date. More on this below:


Our unique art pieces take time. We are not manufacturing a product, we are using our hands to craft a custom shape, color, and finish with passion and attention to detail. At a minimum, each commission takes approximately 8 weeks to complete, according to the order in which it was received.

Rush orders are possible for an additional $100 fee, however even rush orders will be “triaged” according to how many other anxious mamas requested rush orders that same week.

We kindly ask that you remain patient and flexible, allowing us the time and pride necessary to make sure your custom piece is everything you imagined.

Upon completion of your beautiful piece of art, we will return it to you via FedEx for trackable, insured arrival.

Please note: before having a photo taken with your infant in or with one of our pregnancy belly bowls, please read our Photography Disclaimer.

©2008–2018 BelliVita • all rights reserved • BelliVita is a registered trademark in the United States.

Pricing and Payment

All bowls and torsos are commissioned pieces of art. Each one is priced based on your design choices (described at left) and the resulting time it takes to create them. We will provide you with an initial cost estimate, after which we require a 50% deposit at the time of the casting. An invoice will be provided to you prior to completion; the remaining amount is due upon completion of your piece. The following represents a general estimate:

Belly Bowl

  1. Porcelain:  starts at $450 and is based on the scope of your design preferences. Tell us your style and we’ll create a masterpiece!

  1. Blown Glass:  starts at $950 and is based on your choice of colors (e.g., the minerals used to produce red glass cost more than the minerals for blue glass), how much of each color you desire, whether you want to include any metallic accents, and special finishes.

Breast Bowl

  1. Porcelain:  starts at $200 for one bowl ($350 for two) and is based on the scope of your design preferences.

  2. Blown Glass:  starts at $300 for one bowl ($450 for two) and is based on your choice of colors (e.g., the minerals used to create red glass cost more than blue glass), and how much of each color you desire.


Porcelain Only:  starts at $750 and is based on the scope of your design preferences.

Special Finishes

  1. Smooth-Edged Porcelain Bowl:  $100

  2. Painted Rim of Porcelain Bowl:  $65

  3. Custom Engraving:  $55 (glass or porcelain)

  4. Custom Patterns:  depends on complexity; please contact us to discuss


The cost of shipping your belly casting to us, and for us to ship your finished bowl back to you, is an additional fee above the cost of your bowl. We are happy to give you a shipping cost estimate once we have seen the size of your belly cast, and know what shape, materials, and resulting weight your bowl will be.

Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express), PayPal, personal check, money order, and cash.

Giving Back

Your bellybowl or breast bowl is more than a gift for you and your family. With every purchase of a blown glass or porcelain bowl, BelliVita makes a donation to help the world. Learn more >

Pregnancy Belly Bowls

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